Sally Donates .50 cents from each bar of soap purchased to The annex Cat Rescue. www.annexcatrescue.com

Sally makes all her soaps from scratch, using only premium ingredients and the finest of imported butters and oils, that are compatible, and beneficial to the soap making process and are economically available. All Sally’s Soaps are Paraben Free, Gluten Free, SLS Free.

If you want / need a speciality soap making, either for yourself or as a gift. Please dont hesitate to contact Sally directly, She will be more than happy to assist you.


     Same day shipment on most orders.


imageFall Features

Pumpkin Spice and all things nice. Sally’s Pumpkin soaps contain Organic Pumpkin seed oil.  Omega 3 for your skin. Along with Premium olive oil, Organic coconut oil and unrefined shea butter, your skin will thank you. For more info on this one of kind beauty visit sally’s Shop.

OR if you don’t want soft, moisturized, hydrated skin. You can Just leave these pretty, aromatic bars around the house…. Kitchen, bathroom, and so on…fill your home with the cozy aroma of pumpkin spice…



Buy 5 bars of Sally’s wonderful luxurious Soaps and get a FREE 120ml fair trade imported, hand whipped 100% pure Shea Butter with a hint of organic essential oils of your choice.


 Shea Butter Flavours:
– Lavender
– Almond
– Orange & Satsuma
– Patchouli
– Original Unscented

 Contact Sally at contact@sallysoapkitchen.com to with your choice of soaps and Shea Butter

imageIsland Nectar.



image Scarecrow  Pumpkin Spice


Welcome to Sally’s Soap Kitchen New online marketplace! Browse Sally’s wide selection of luxurious handmade cold and hot process soaps.

Sally Creates the prettiest and most unusual one of kind Elegant Soaps…..to…The healthiest, healing, hydrating, softening and moisturizing Soaps you will find. Sally continues to search and research for the most effective, beneficial, and natural  ingredients to incorporate into her Soaps. Sally uses all natural ingredients to create a hand crafted nourishing soap that leaves your skin feeling alive, moisturized and hydrated. Her organic products are perfect for those with sensitive or irritable skin – If you have a specific skin condition, please do not hesitate to contact her, she would be happy to answer any concerns or questions ( to the best of her ability)  regarding which of Sally’s Soaps is best for you!

Sally’s soaps does not give or replace Medical advice.

Sally bases her knowledge on feedback and personal observation.

Sally’s Bar Shampoo’s back by popular demand.


13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Rosie

    The Cream of Oatmeal. Is amazing. I can’t wait to wash my face with it day & night. My hands are not screaming for moisturizer like they used too. Smells like you could eat it. Love it.

  2. sharon

    loved every thing about the soaps, leaves skin soft like a baby, amazing smells, my favourite , lavender. I also got the creamy oatmeal for my boys, they love it. Also the shampoo bars are fantastic, all pure, natural ingredients, perfect. I also think they are beautifully made, they last along time, worth the money. Highly recommend.

  3. sharon

    the best natural soaps and shampoo bars I have ever used, highly recommend. your skin and hair are so soft, and you smell so good.

  4. Billybailey

    I ordered the Calendula and Shea butter and the Slippery Elm and Citronela. I just want to say I’ve never found or used a more softening and lathery soap than the Citronela and Elm. I use it regardless of the Mosquitos, I use it with my scrubby, I never want to run out of it. Btw it also keeps away the bugs like it says it does. Best soap ever……
    I use the Shea butter and Calendula on my face only. My face for the past 10 years or so has appeared reddish and blotchie, I’ve tried all kinds of expensive creams with no change… In 3 weeks of using this Calendula soap my redness appears to be fading, will keep you updated, thanks Sally .. Send more Slippery Elm.. Lol

  5. Rosie

    I ordered the French pink Clay, it smells beautiful, not strong just nice. The soap itself is very creamy and Lathery. I use it all over my body, not just my face. Now there are no bottles at all in my bathroom. I can’t imagine putting that store bought crap on my face or body ever again. Now we need Sally to make a natural Deodorant.

  6. james dyer

    I recently purchased the slippery elm before I went on holiday to india. The soap did exactly what it said on the tin, I wasn’t bitten during the three and a half weeks that I was there. Without it, my body would have been covered in bites, just like the rest of the people we met on holiday. I had already purchased the shea butter & calendula soap shop after it was recommended by a friend, after years of suffering with mild eczema my skin has started to clear up, I just wish I came across Sallys soaps earlier!

    I will be purchasing more soaps in the near future.



  7. Debbie

    I have fine, dry and thinning hair. Most conditioners are too heavy and leave my hair weighted down, unmanageable and eventually stringy. I tried the conditioning shampoo bar and DIDN’T use any conditioner. Three days later my hair is still soft but manageable, no strings or tangles and no flyaway hair! It actually looks healthy!! It feels good to know that only natural organic ingredients are going into my head lol. As it is just one bar and one step it is perfect for travel, the bathtub, camping or that day you wake up late when you just have time for a quick wash in the sink lol. I LOVE the shampoo bar! Thank you Sally!

  8. Debbie

    I use the oatmeal soap on my face and it leaves my skin feeling more nourished than a creamy cleanser- and I know what’s in (and what’s not in) this soap.
    The body bars I’ve tried look beautiful even after some use and the smells are just heavenly! They are creamy to use and rinse clean without the usual drying effect. I have even used them on my face (before I had the oatmeal soap) with no issues. I can’t wait to try them all!

  9. Christina walsh

    I recently purchased the strawberry cheesecake and the periwinkle blue soap. I heard about Sally’s soaps through a friend who had been on holiday to canada & came across the soaps at a market fair. Both were excellent & the aromas from both are far better than any high street soaps I have purchased. I will definitely be purchasing again through Sally’s website,



  10. Millie

    I purchased a shampoo bar at a yard sale at Malvern Collegiate. It works great on my fine, thin hair and
    smells so good. Also got the Almond Shea Butter, I smell so good with it on my skin and my skin feels so
    soft. Love it! I entered a lucky draw for a “basket” of Sally’s products and won it! Thank you. I’ve tried a
    few soaps already, so creamy and wonderful smells, Don’t know my most favourite yet.

  11. Helen

    I’ve ordered many soaps and have been a long time customer. I’m never disappointed, I love everything. They’re all great.


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